2018 GOALS


Happy New Year!

Wow! Another year is here! Aren’t you excited?  I am super excited about the possibilities and opportunities that we all can create these next twelve months! Most folks set resolutions which fail around this time in January so I wanted to share with you some helpful tips on how to achieve your goals and make things happen for you! Too often we give up too easily and we don’t try.


The beginning of the year is the best time to really get clear on what you want to achieve and get done for yourself or your business. Ask yourself, what went well for me last year and how can I expand on that? Jot down a few things that you would like to see change or improve upon for this new year. What top five goals would you like to achieve? Jot it down in your phone.


Most folks come up with general goals and forget that it is very important to be specific on what you would like to achieve. For example, if I said “I want to make passive income.” that is too general. However, if I get specific and say “I am going to increase my revenue by $1000 a month by selling to ten clients a $100 online product” then not only is it a specific goal but it sounds achievable as well. Goals do need to be realistic and so ask yourself what can you do to make things manageable and easy to achieve? The city of Rome wasn’t built in a day!


So after you create your list of your top five goals that you feel you can achieve what three action steps can you do each day towards it? Every morning I ask myself what three things can I do per day to get one step closer to my main goal? I like to create a list each morning to help me identify what my priorities are along with what has to get done for my business. When you think in small simple steps and take action per day on getting just three things done, you’ll be amazed by the end of the month how much you have already achieved!


I like to provide myself a deadline to achieve certain tasks so that I can look back and see how much progress has been done. Break down your deadlines into these particular categories:
By the end of the day, By the end of the week, By the end of two weeks, By the end of the month. Usually doing something for 90 days can help make shifts and changes to your habits and help you accomplish goals more quickly.


No matter how difficult it can be to accomplish a goal or a new habit, be sure to celebrate your wins! Reward yourself by acknowledging all that you were able to get done for the day, the week and this month of January. Be sure to focus your attention on what has been working for you. Once you achieve a small simple goal make sure that you reward yourself nicely!  Perhaps you buy yourself a new outfit, go to a new restaurant, take a trip somewhere – the possibilities are endless! By rewarding yourself you learn to establish better habits which will keep you moving forward. I also like having accountability buddies to help you keep on track and then you can share with them your wins and celebrate with them!

Visit here to download my January planner to help you finish this month strong!