Five Lessons from Barbara Corcoran

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar where the guest speaker would be the famous Barbara Corcoran. I was determined to give her my caricature of her and was very excited to hear her speak. For those of you who may not know her, this woman turned $1000 into a Billion Dollar Business in the New York real estate market. She is also one of the few female stars on ABC’s Shark Tank tv show where she listens to entrepreneurs pitch their businesses in hopes of getting investment funding from one of the “sharks.”  After hearing a bunch of boring stuff, finally the star of the show arrives. She was petite, cute, and funny as hell. She shared her stories about how she grew up in a family of ten children and learned from her parents the importance of hard work, believing in oneself and having fun. Here are her top five takeaways from her hilarious talk:

1. Perception Creates Reality

Life in NYC is a different lifestyle than the kind of life Barbara Corcoran had growing up in Edgewater New Jersey. In order to adapt to the hustle and bustle of crazy city life, she had to learn and educate her self on how to adapt to her new environment. How did she do this? She took courses, went to seminars, and thought quickly off her feet. She had to learn to be a big mouth and reinvent herself. No one was buying real estate in NYC at the time. One of the brokers from hell named Lorraine Freedberg came into her office whom she worked for was screaming at her to advertisements. Ms. Corcoran had no money to invest in so while she was being screamed at, under pressure she came up with an idea to generate publicity – The Corcoran Report. So she created a report on the average sales price of an apartment in New York City and sent it via snail mail to anyone who wrote for the New York Times newspaper.  A week later she opened up the front page of the New York Times Real Estate section and the headline is, “New York City Prices Hit All Time Low.” And the first line is, “According to Barbara Corcoran of the Corcoran.” The publicity stunt was a huge hit and placed the Corcoran name on the map. So, put out there the projection of what you WANT to be – not what you are and the universe will respond.

2. There are two kinds of people at work: Expanders and Containers.
     Expanders are the kind of people who are usually the life of the party, see how far they can go, don’t mind risk. Containers whatever is going to happen will happen, really happen, like order, reason. Most people are in either one of these categories. When a woman named Esther Kaplan came in for a sales job, everything about her made Ms. Corcoran say “No, no no…” She was quiet, spoke softly and buttoned up.  After the courtesy interview,  Ms. Kaplan opened up her purse. What grabbed Ms. Corcoran’s attention was how organized and neat the purse was inside – it was like a mini filing cabinet! The interior of that purse impressed Barbara so much that she realized she needed her for her business to keep things organized and on track – aka “a container!” While Ms. Corcoran was out wheeling and dealing, Ms. Kaplan held the fort down. Over time, Ms. Kaplan ended up being the President of The Corcoran Group before the company sold for $66 million. 

3.  Remember to have FUN
    When you have a team of people working for you it is key to have fun on the job. This helps boost morale, encourages the team members to work harder and makes them want to come back to work the next day. Ms. Corcoran used to have manicures on Tuesdays for her staff and on Fridays they would have cocktails at the office. This also creates not only a fun atmosphere amongst staff members but brought an edge over her company to her competitors. Think of fun ways on how to get your team and staff members inspired and motivated by holding contests, having fun games or hosting an event at the office and be the envy of your competition.

 4. Trust your gut.
When a candidate named Tiffany Krumins walked onto the Shark Tank set she caught Ms. Corcoran’s eye when she was not easily intimidated by the Shark Tank Investors. The look of Ms. Krumins reminded Ms. Corcoran of her younger self. The pitch was a blue elephant medicine dropper created with the trunk due to Ms. Krumin’s work experience from being a nanny and trying to get the children to take their medicines. Ms. Krumins explained that she watched a child who had Down syndrome have difficulty in taking the meds so she designed her elephant to help the child more readily take his regular medication. Despite Ms. Krumin’s sweet demeanor, Ms. Corcoran trusted her gut knowing that underneath the sweetness was a young woman who had a steel backbone. She bought 55% of Ava the Elephant medicine dispenser which has projected to make over $1 million dollars in sales and is now sold in 10 countries and is available in more than 10,000 stores in the U.S. alone.

5. Be great at failure.
     Failure is going to happen in the cycle of business life and entrepreneurship. What separates from really successful people and everyone else is how they deal with failure. When something takes a hit at them the difference is how long they take to feel sorry for themselves. That’s it. Nothing else. Those who are excellent at bouncing back up are the ones that learn from the failure and try another approach or technique. Learn to be very good at bouncing back up. Have a five minute pity party and then get mad! There will always be a lesson to be learned or a new way of looking at the situation.

2018 GOALS


Happy New Year!

Wow! Another year is here! Aren’t you excited?  I am super excited about the possibilities and opportunities that we all can create these next twelve months! Most folks set resolutions which fail around this time in January so I wanted to share with you some helpful tips on how to achieve your goals and make things happen for you! Too often we give up too easily and we don’t try.


The beginning of the year is the best time to really get clear on what you want to achieve and get done for yourself or your business. Ask yourself, what went well for me last year and how can I expand on that? Jot down a few things that you would like to see change or improve upon for this new year. What top five goals would you like to achieve? Jot it down in your phone.


Most folks come up with general goals and forget that it is very important to be specific on what you would like to achieve. For example, if I said “I want to make passive income.” that is too general. However, if I get specific and say “I am going to increase my revenue by $1000 a month by selling to ten clients a $100 online product” then not only is it a specific goal but it sounds achievable as well. Goals do need to be realistic and so ask yourself what can you do to make things manageable and easy to achieve? The city of Rome wasn’t built in a day!


So after you create your list of your top five goals that you feel you can achieve what three action steps can you do each day towards it? Every morning I ask myself what three things can I do per day to get one step closer to my main goal? I like to create a list each morning to help me identify what my priorities are along with what has to get done for my business. When you think in small simple steps and take action per day on getting just three things done, you’ll be amazed by the end of the month how much you have already achieved!


I like to provide myself a deadline to achieve certain tasks so that I can look back and see how much progress has been done. Break down your deadlines into these particular categories:
By the end of the day, By the end of the week, By the end of two weeks, By the end of the month. Usually doing something for 90 days can help make shifts and changes to your habits and help you accomplish goals more quickly.


No matter how difficult it can be to accomplish a goal or a new habit, be sure to celebrate your wins! Reward yourself by acknowledging all that you were able to get done for the day, the week and this month of January. Be sure to focus your attention on what has been working for you. Once you achieve a small simple goal make sure that you reward yourself nicely!  Perhaps you buy yourself a new outfit, go to a new restaurant, take a trip somewhere – the possibilities are endless! By rewarding yourself you learn to establish better habits which will keep you moving forward. I also like having accountability buddies to help you keep on track and then you can share with them your wins and celebrate with them!

Visit here to download my January planner to help you finish this month strong!

Why Princess Diana Mattered

“Wake up! Wake up!” cried my mother who was shaking me furiously in my bed. Half awake I mumbled “Whah?” being stunned by my mother’s hastiness with me. “Come downstairs now!!!” she ordered. While I wasn’t sure what was going on I did as I was told and slowly crawled down the stairs half awake. It was 3 o’ clock in the morning. What could be so important?

The television was on and my mother exclaimed in excitement “A princess is getting married!” There she was coming out of a beautiful carriage that put Cinderella to shame. A fairytale wedding was in front of all of us to see and it was a huge event back in the 80s. Little did we all know at that magical time what kind of ending this young twenty year old beauty would encounter sixteen years later.

Today is the 20th Anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. While most of us Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers recalled the horrific news of the terrible car crash in Paris I was saddened to read an article today that many young Brits were like “What’s the big deal of this lady? We love Kate Middleton!”

The funny thing that these young folks don’t get is that there wouldn’t have been a Kate Middleton if there wasn’t a Diana. Diana paved the way in helping to humanize the still upper lip royal family by following her heart. She brought a human touch to a royal family that had been way out of touch with the common person. She was a shining bright light that brought humanity and compassion to the masses where it was needed.

Back on 1997 when I was much younger I remember reading the newspaper of her death and was in utter shock. My heart stopped for a split second and wave of tears descended upon my cheeks. The car accident she was in was a huge shock to the world and it was a moment in time when everyone including me stood still.

As I read about the senseless death between my tears I recalled and remember all the good that Diana did in her life. She visited and (gasp!) touched the AIDS patients living the hospitals when people at the time were terrified to go near them. She went out of her way to communicate with ordinary folks and brought a sense of compassion which was lacking during those times. She brought attention to many who were suffering and awareness to many charities and to land mines.

However her greatest contribution to humanity was being vulnerable to the public. She shared openly her insecurities and struggles with bulimia due to being in a loveless marriage. She became a face of compassion and love to those who needed it most and touched many hearts all over the world. She challenged the status quo at the time that it was okay to reach out to your fellow man and actually show that you…cared!

Princess Diana is long gone but why does she still matter? She still matters because she taught us that being kind, compassionate and caring are what the world needs during these difficult times. She was human just like the rest of us and was brave to show the world her own suffering and struggles.

As she would say “Carry out an act of random kindness with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. I don’t go by the rule book. I lead from the heart not the head. Only do what the heart tells you.”

May your heart guide you today to everlasting joy and peace. RIP Princess Diana – thank you for gifting the world your kind beautiful heart.

How to Watch the Solar Eclipse today!

I’m SO excited about today’s upcoming solar eclipse! Are you? While I don’t have my glasses you can create your own pinhole projector by visiting and downloading the pinhole document. But hurry! The eclipse is coming SOON!!!

Color Earth Sheet

Also please enjoy my FREE coloring earth sheet where you can draw your own eclipse glasses on planet Earth and color her in! ENJOY and remember to never look directly at the sun! Especially TODAY!

Top 10 Things I Learned from Boom Social!

Last week I had an amazing time and learned so much from Kim Garst’s BOOM SOCIAL! event in Orlando, Florida. Kim Garst is one of Forbes Top 20 Social Media Influencers (okay she’s listed as #8 which makes her in the TOP TEN!) in the country and so when I heard that she was hosting this three day event, I HAD to go! Boy, am I glad that I did! I was able to meet so many amazing people and reconnect with old friends and enjoyed learning and drawing many of the guest speakers. Here are my top 10 things that I took away from the conference that I’d love to share with you.

#1. SERVE WHO YOU ARE MEANT TO SERVE – it’s not about YOU but about SERVING OTHERS. This was an excellent reminder to use your talents and gifts and help others who may be struggling with their business. How can I serve my ideal client? What can I do to make their life a bit better? This was a great reminder to get out of one’s own way and focus on others to help you move forward past any fears. It’s about serving the client.

#2. People don’t want perfection – they want authenticity and realness. I call Facebook “FAKEBOOK.”  Not everything in life is picture perfect and it’s okay to show up in your business with your imperfections. The more you are YOU, then the more others can see themselves in you and CONNECT. We all want to relate and connect with one another so showing that you are authentic will help welcome others into your services and offers.

#3. NOMOPHOBIA is a real word. It means having a fear of being without your mobile device! Brand new in the Webster Dictionary. Who knew???

#4. 80% of sales require FIVE follow up calls. 67% of people give up after the FIRST CALL. We all know that the fortune is in the follow up so why not schedule in a calendar to be persistent and consistent until you get that “YES!” And if you don’t get that YES! then you have to say “Oh… well, you just don’t understand now do you?” As Nicole Walters said do the PRETTY Method of following up;
Personal connection, Review statements, Excitement phase, Timeline Urgency, Teaser date and be YOU!

#5. FaceBook Ads are ATMS. Be sure to have these 8 key items in them: Location, Audience, Budget, Links, Graphics, Copy and Results. Use 6 graphics and then narrow it down to the top two. Use Ads Manager to see how the results are and tweak the ads until you get the results you want.

#6. Livestreaming is here to stay and FaceBook Video Ads are around the corner. People will click on video links 3xs as more than on photos when it comes to engagement with your audience. Focus on your audience within the first ten seconds on what’s in it for them from your offering and BOOM! you’ll  have their attention!

#7. Funnels come in THREES. Social Share funnels, Fishbowl funnels and Football phone funnels. Each funnel option guides your social media audience to the direction where you want them to click on your opt-in page, product or link. With the right funnel strategy you can have lots of traffic to your website!

#8. Outsourcing equals FREEDOM. 65% of US based businesses outsource their work to virtual assistants and save themselves a lot of time to get their work DONE and focus more on what they enjoy doing. Find out your weaknesses and delegate them to someone else!

#9. Use these COOL TOOLS. Use  to edit your videos and to have your livestream videos transcribed into a blog! Design graphics with and use to resize graphics and tweet out your messages!

#10. OWN IT! Own your own uniqueness, awesomeness and decide what is truly important to you and keep this all in alignment. You can’t serve others if you are off balanced with who you truly are and who you are willing to serve.

Check out the cool drawings I did of the speakers below. You can always email me a message if you want more information on the speakers below at


Macys FUN for Everyone!

Spring is here and it’s time to get over to Macys’ and enjoy their FLOWER SHOW! Located at Herald Square in NYC you can stop on by the first floor and see some incredible flowers and do some great shopping just in time for Easter Sunday!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of working for Macys by helping them promote their menswear event on the 4th floor. I met so many great people and was honored to draw them all! Check out the fun photos here and on my FB page too! Plus this evening is the second episode of Mario Armstrong’s Never Settle Show!
If you missed the first episode, then watch below!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I am so thrilled that today is FRIDAY and of all days, it is St. Patrick’s Day! Being Irish and named

after my great-grandmother Catherine McCarthy who came over to the United States from Ireland

during the potato famine I am so proud of my heritage. She worked as a seamstress in Chicago and

as a housemaid for the well-established Goldblatt family. I had the honor of meeting her family

descendants  in Ireland a few years ago who had a huge fun family tree guide. While Irish folks

like me can be feisty at times, we are a warm-generous fun-loving and drinking bunch! So…..

May the road rise to meet you

May the wind be always at your back

May the sunshine warm upon your face

The rains fall gently upon your fields

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of His Hand.

Catch my interview with Mario Armstrong! #NeverSettle!

Yesterday I was honored to have been interviewed by Mario Armstrong, host of the upocoming Never Settle Show which will host its debut this April 5th 2017! I will be the illustrator / cartoonist who will be drawing LIVE as Mario interviews various guests on the show.

Be sure to watch and share with all of your friends! If you want free tickets to attend the first show, please DM me on twitter @CathyNolanArt. Be sure to “like” the show’s page:

Cathy Nolan, Cartoonist and Illustrator

Join my live interview with cartoonist and illustrator, Cathy Nolan

Posted by”>Mario Armstrong on Wednesday, 15 February 2017

February Madness was a HIT!

So last week I had the honor of illustrating and drawing the clients for Dick Blick’s February Madness event. The weather was the worst because mother nature had decided to hit the east coast with a Nor’Easter!
I was getting worried on how to get there in one piece due to high winds, slushy snow and being in the midst of mad snowflake flurries. Here in the NYC, the puddles are the WORST. You try to cross the street
and think you avoided the puddles when BAM!!! you notice suddenly that your socks are soaking wet as you show up to your venue. While I was worried about my wet socks and having low attendance, I couldn’t
have more more wrong. The moment I stepped into the store, I was NON-STOP drawing all of these amazing people who like to shop at Dick Blick stores to get art supplies and tap into their own creativity! We all
had a great time and everyone loved their caricature. If you have an upcoming event and would like to book me then send me an email at